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And more... but to keep my page framed i will later mention their da's link!


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Madalena Ramires
Artist | Student | Photography

I am...fat?
I like cookies... and i am nerd...
I am bitter, i am sour, i am everything in an hour!
I am stupid i am bright, i am everything in your mind!

I am fast, i am slow, come with me and enjoy the show.
For i might not stay here for years long, fast enough to write this song, this bliss, this miracle, this poem, and this life where i roam.

If you stay i might like you, if you go, i hate you too!
I am clichet, i am unique, a single blow and one hit.

If you don't get anything of this, i suggest you leave
For you know me not and that's just fat
We have nothing in between.
And there's nothing i quite regret.

If you get everything of this... i suggest you hear the tune.

"Twinkle twinkle little bat how i wonder what you are at!"

[The cutest fox ever in existence]

For personal work questions send me a note or contact me via mail/msn to:

My Facebook PageMy TumblrMy TwitterMy Formspring My ASK.FM My Instagram


And i am sorry if i cannot thank every single of you for the support, that's why i leave a llama badge on each page! To keep track of all the places I've visited on DeviantArt!


.:Demon Fox Ren . Uta no Prince-Sama:. by Manon-Blutsanguen
.:Demon Fox Ren . Uta no Prince-Sama:.
Cosplayer: :iconmanon-blutsanguen:
Character: Jinguji Ren (Demon Fox Art)…
From: Uta no Prince-Sama
Photographer: :iconwanda-chi:

When i saw this art i knew i had to make this! I pretty much add bling to it to make it more ren and had to "invent" the lower part of the costume which i ended up not doing yukata style but i had pants and a jacket with orange stones.

I have made many costumes of ren so please check my page for more:

More Ren in fab Starish:

.:Jinguji Ren - Uta no Prince-Sama:. by Manon-Blutsanguen.:Jinguji Ren:. I will become your STAR by Manon-Blutsanguen
.:Boris Airay:. Clover no Kuni no Alice by Manon-Blutsanguen
.:Boris Airay:. Clover no Kuni no Alice
Cosplayer: Me :iconmanon-blutsanguen:
Costume: Me.
Character: Boris Airay…
From: Clover no Kuni no Alice (Alice in the Country of Clover) / Heart no Kuni no Alice (Alice in the Country of Hearts) - Cheshire Waltz (Tower of Clover Assembly Costume).
Photography by: :iconrah-13:

I had used this costume before but i decided to revamp it for Anicomics '15 and i do look way better this time around because i really hated to see me in Boris before.
Decided to do the clover assembly costume because i dont have a body for his default! Also i love his train driver costume but too difficult with the degrade patterns.
Anyways, i am working on Elliot right now <3 so Elliot March is next! <3 cosplay all of my husbands! Because after that i am doing Grey mercenary from Diamond no Kuni <3

I also did Peter, tower of clover assembly version in the past!

.:Peter White:. Heart no Kuni no Alice by Manon-Blutsanguen
Sorry guys that i haven't really uploaded anything recently but making costumes, organizing my page, college and everything takes so much time away from me. But i promise i will upload something soon!

I remember saying something like, i will write my Japan Expo journal really soon and as usual i ended up not doing anything!
The thing is i was extremely occupied because of WCS and well it kinda, escaped!
I still need to make my WCS journal but knowning myself 2014 is suited for it *sigh* i will try to make it as a solo journal maybe, or i might include also the last cons of the year!
Anyways, i really gotta do it. At the end of this journal though i will link :iconleonorgracias: 's journal for WCS in case you are curious about things.

For now, lets start :3

I kinda planned my Japan expo schedule really early in the year, appart from Nezumi. I was supposed to use Nezumi Ophelia during Iberanime LX 2013 but ended up not doing so and took Badou instead.
I then decided to move Nezumi to Japan Expo. Also Peter White who was on the schedule changed with Felicitá, and i decided to add Ren later on.
still i regret not taking Sinbad with me now, so many MAGI cosplayers. Also there was this huge group of heart no kuni no alice! Why i no took Peter White??
Other stuff that surprised me was to see another Kagerou cosplayer and another Nezumi ophelia! I tend to think that this underground stuff is mirages in my head! But they really exist omg!


I travelled with :iconaggie18: on the 3rd of July and we met with the pt ecg contestants at the airport! It was a fun travel and all!
When we arrived we met with :iconmiminhoo: and :icongaaaooo: and went to Paris for some visiting and curry!~

I warned :iconaggie18: that japan expo was really tiring but she still wanted to visit it during Thursday, so next day, after not sleeping at all with the excitement (i still feel it even after going there so many times!),
we woke up and the adventure started!

Thursday, 4th of July.
Felicitá . Arcana Famiglia

Even though felicitá has a sword i decided to take a gun with me, because i can't take swords but, it was kinda a meme, i shoot myself in the head the entire con ahahah xD my feet hurt, and i was tired so i just shoot myself and everything around, i was constantly bang bang bang!
It was a fun day but very tiring! But as long as you are with your friends everything is just awesome!!

Friday, 5th of July.

Jinguji Ren . Uta no Prince-Sama

This day was more calm! Me and :iconaggie18: went to watch the french wcs i think, or the normal contest i don't even remember and we ate takoyaki and just aimlessly roamed around!
I was also able to meet with :iconlumis-mirage: and talk a bit with her <3 we also took a pic together!

i returned to the hotel with the boots in my hands 8D

Saturday, 6th of July.

Shoukin Kagerou . Inu x Boku SS

I did this costume in like two days before Japan Expo and finished it at 5 am before packing to go to the airport! I am just glad :iconleonorgracias: lend me her white pants! it made everything easier.
Anyways i am really proud of my waistcoat, even though i didn't cut it, i only adjusted the depth of the neck line and all, it's probably the more accurate and best piece of clothing i ever did appart from raikou's shirt.
And i never did a mantle before so it came out pretty well for the thing and time i had!

Anyways during con we watched the ecg of course! Such great costumes! And after con we went to the ecg food exchange! god...ahahah!

Sunday, 7th of July.

Nezumi (Ophelia) . No.6

Wake up in the morning feeling like a little shit! drop out of bed with a huge lightheadedness and almost faint ten times! But is still able to put on cosplay, go to con and stay there all day and look decent and with no eyebangs!
Someone give me an award! me and :iconaggie18: are brave brave people! I wanted to see the french ecg but we didn't get to con on time since everyime i lifted my head out of bed it was almost as if i was fainting!
We ended up gathering with :iconmiminhoo: and :icongaaaooo: for a pizza for our last day!

Well, another adventure i can say!
Next year i probably wont go to japan expo unfortunately, because of wcs and because i want to go to a con somewhere else, well, the netherlands, so i won't be attenting it, because moneyz no infinitz but i hope to return eventually in two years be it with friends or for ecg (forever feelin the pressure of the folks to go).

After Japan Expo i went to my usual holiday in Algarve like i always do and i am glad the only con during summer holiday was in Algarve as well, so my friends :iconleonorgracias: :iconmiminhoo: and :icongaaaooo: came over and we spent that weekend together. So cool! Because :iconleonorgracias:'s house is also in my town so it was cool!

Satuday, 24th of August

Sinbad (Orange outfit) . MAGI: The Labirynth of Magic

So yeah i spent the holiday prior to the con making my sinbad blade and i am really proud of it t.t omg!
I will share the link to the sword wips at the stuff section of my journal!
It was a funny day, but i couldn't lift my arms because i had no binder 8D open chest binders during summer are a pain! kudos for small chest!
That weekend was so hot we spent the entire day just dying in front of the giant fans in the sallon!

Sunday, 25th of August

Nezumi (Ophelia) . No.6

So i decided to take nezumi to algarve as well because it's a fresh costume, like a greek dress! I really need to photoshoot this soon! And video shoot! I have many ideias really! But i want to remake the dress.
Make it longer and more flowy!

Next day we all hit the beach and it was fun! Friends left in the afternoon and i went back home to the world of rift, aion and warcraft ):

In the beginning of September i returned to lisbon and started working on my WCS stuff. But lets move on to anifest!!

Saturday, 21st of September

Jinguji Ren . Uta no Prince-Sama

I decided to take ren so i can retire and remake this costume soon! I will probably only wear it once more, for a shoot, with a new shoulderpad, a new belt and remade pants!
I really want to work on more ren costumes and i wore this one too much!
Fun day! was able to re-meet wonderful :iconshappi: and the dutch folks! Chatting with them is always so much fun! Spent the day at the photo studio or random shitchatting around! Also did a mini shoot with :iconrah-13:

.:Jinguji Ren - Uta no Prince-Sama:. by Manon-Blutsanguen

Sunday, 22nd of September

Yogi . Karneval

I decided to take a less complicated costume on the second day! And i was able to work a bit! Helping shappi with the photoshoots and general goofying around too!
And i had time for a studio shoot and some outside shoot with :iconrah-13:
I really love all the photos to bits! I look so different!

.:Yogi . Karneval:. Mooooooooo by Manon-Blutsanguen

And yay! Me :iconshappi: and :iconwanda-chi:

I did some photoshoots after summer! And even during summer!

I went to mafra to meet :iconrah-13: one of the days! And i did two inu x boku photoshoots!!

-> Natsume Zange . Inu x Boku SS

I had this costume for a while and i needed a shoot! I had so much fun and i was lucky because her father's house is like the same color of my wig, like the pillows and curtains!!

.:Natsume Zange - Inu x Boku SS - All-Seeing Eye:. by Manon-Blutsanguen

-> Shoukiin Kagerou . Inu x Boku SS

And then we went out and hit the convent!

.:Shoukiin Kagerou - Inu x Boku SS:. by Manon-Blutsanguen.:Kagerou . IxBoku SS:. - Your Own Sadistic Prince by Manon-Blutsanguen

Later in september i think, me, :iconwanda-chi:, :iconlokeva: and :iconwindicos: went to an indian inspired palace near lisbon (in sintra) so we could shoot some stuff.
They shoot trinity blood's ion and radu and i did orange sinbad!

.:Sinbad:. Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic:. by Manon-Blutsanguen

Next day we did a K group photoshoot where i spent the entire day half asleep on :iconwindicos:'s tummy speaking about beer and bbq!
I was invited by :iconlokeva: sometime ago to be Saburota Bandou, and well i accepted 8D

We were once HOMRA by Lokeva

Our photographers where :iconwhite-sakurazuka: and :iconsweetcandycupkake:

And i don't think i did anything else before WCS.

Next journal will have:

->Iberanime OPO: with all the things on wcs, our performance, wips, derp, winning reactions, crying, all that.

->FIBDA: where i cosplayed a swimming homo in a dress.

and other stuff. probably Meo XLparty if i can finish my tomoe costume on time.
and my winter photoshoots + halloween and all that.

Wips for sinbad's sword:…




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Short Artistic Biography: I started doing photography at the age of 7, when my dad gave me my first camera, and i think there's where my passion started! Around 2004/2005, my dad bought his Nikon D70 but i grew so attached to it, he gave it to me, and bought the recent model D80. I then started upgrading my equipment to the list you see bellow. I started macro'ing at the age of 20 when i finally got my only macro lens. I am now training low exposure landscape. At the age of 20 i graduated in photography after a long extensive specialized course. I am now studying media and cinema. I can't do much with photography in my country but i have some of my work "permanently" exposed in Germany and France (as in postcards, museum merchandise and shop decorations). My dream is to become a photographer for National Geographic, and i want to apply to so, when i finish my actual course.
As for cosplay i started in 2007, when i found out it existed xD I debuted with a really crappy costume of Namine from KHII and i slowly started to improve. In 2008 for personal reasons and dramu i left the portuguese community, and i took the time off to finish school and do my photography degree, and returned to the cosplay world in 2010 with my Makenshi Crona cosplay. I'm a so so seamtress and i am proud to admit i mostly learnt how to use the machine and shizzles by myself even though my friend Leonor teaches me a lot of stuff and many techniques, and now it's easier for me to do stuff alone at home. I love prop making, i do my own props by myself with the help of my dad when wood polishing is involved (he says i'll chop my fingers off xD). And that's pretty much it!

in 2013 i won together with :iconleonorgracias: the 1st PT world cosplay summit preliminaries to go to Japan in 2014.

I do Like: Food (on my stomach or on photography), Chocolate, WOW (world of warcraft), anime, music, jrock, tsundere characters mostly, cosplay, photography, macro, prop making, vocaloid.

I do Hate: Wannabe Otaku People who say they are just because they think they are...but they know shit about Japanese history and culture, and they shriek a lot of wapanese bullshit and claim asian heritage, and all that weabooish jazz... cheese, nuts, alliance in general, Arthas is gay, American minds, republican party, paladin nerfing, narrow minds and low I.Q's because mine is huge and i love it, full of themselves kind of people *cough*, pseudo intellectual things, elitism, Dr.House, inside the brain blond people or blond moments, most colors, rap, hip hop and r n'b, nu metal, and...pff...GNU

I also hate people who create drama, speak behind my backs and think they are the best of bests, when all they can talk about is themselves, and since my I.Q. is high i really want to have other topics besides yourselves, so, be happy cultivating yourselves and then maybe you can appear before my person as cultivated beings. Sorry if harsh, but dramu power level of this people is so high one's gotta defend themselves!

Because the ÁNÓNE is the best 8D elas andém aí! São 3 e andam aos pares! 8D

Questions that i get asked frequently.

Heritage: No i do not have any kind of asian blood, the only mixing i do have is Israeli, Spanish, Portuguese, Irish, English and a tiny bit of Finish. Hail for multiculture. Black Wigs make me look more AZN it's true, but that's as far as it goes, A WIG!

My eyes are naturally "THAT" big, even though i wear lenses, because i can't have color eyes whenever i want. And because i have bad eyesight too 8D. But they are indeed big and that's mostly my cosplay trademark here in Portugal, as stupid as it sounds!

Age: I was 22 years old in this pic. I am also glad to look younger than my age. Or so they say! So kawaii desu nyan neko nyah 8D. But now speaking truly, it's helpful because i can cosplay my favourite characters whenever i want without having to feel bad about looking too old for them? i guess... And i can also cosplay she-males without a problem, since i have boyish body features, even though i do not have a manly face, i can manipulate my face to look more manly, not only with make-up but also because i have a lot of tricks that do not include photoshop, but are related to facial expressions and facial posture! I can harden my face to look more squared to create more chin. For example when i cosplay little girls i photograph myself differently and with different angles, and i tend to put my neck more down and have top angle pictures. When i cosplay boys i do the opposite, i put my face up to show more neck and chin. These kind of tricks work fine for me, but i am not sure how is it for anyone else!

Lenses: These are my current lenses. I plan to get pink ones as well. Lower ones are red/purple for Kuroneko. I'm still getting used to them, but i'll do my best to wear lenses from now on, on my cosplays.

Weight and Photoshop: My weight flutters violently every month, one day i'm thinner, the other i'm fatter, that's life. I'm average, and i have a strange metabolism even though i like myself that way. I never photoshoped my body, and all i do is take my freckles and clean any lack of sleep from my face (i sleep very poorly due to my albino rat status). I like my face and my nose, i won't lie. That's as far as my ego goes.

Wigs: All my wigs are from mostly the same e-bay stores, but said stores are secret because i don't like that people ask me where i bought them. If i had trouble looking, why would others not have to do the same effort? I can help you chose wigs though and order them for you even if you live in Portugal *with restrictions* but if i did that cosplay before or have that certain wig, do not expect me to counsel the same one for you. I'm a bit stingy with that yes, and i appologise previously.

Costume Making: I do most of my costumes, with a lot of help from my bestfriend (she is skilled, i'm not xD i can only sew, i hate cutting fabric).

Macro Photomanip: I don't have any secret while photomanipulating my macro and nature pictures. I mostly push-up the blue filters, kill the noise with surface blur and sometimes, depending on the mood, add some bokeh, if there's no natural one.

Props: I do all my cosplay props by myself, it's the part i'm more skilled at, and rarely need any help, i am also open to make props for others if needed be, at a negotiable price. I cannot ship them though, so it's only open to people at my country. Unless the props are small and i can send them on regular mail, then i wouldn't mind doing requests. I DON'T make plushies.… This is the link for my prop history on facebook! I've done much more, but i am slowly updating it, so please be patient.

Here on DA:

Silent Glaive for: :iconasunacosplay:

.:Sailor Saturn . Awakening:. by AsunaCosplay.:Sailor Saturn . Ready:. by AsunaCosplay.:Sailor Saturn . Bringer of Ruin:. by AsunaCosplay

Ragnarok for myself

Crona Makenshi .Black Blood. by Manon-BlutsanguenI Don Know How to Handle This by Manon-Blutsanguen

Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier's Key from Sayonara no Tsubasa

Macross Frontier .:Sayonara no Tsubasa:. by Manon-Blutsanguen

Saber Alter's Dark Excalibur for Me

.:Saber Alter:. - Disillusion by Manon-Blutsanguen

Sinbad's Jewelery and Sword for Me

.:Sinbad:. Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic:. by Manon-Blutsanguen

Shoot Commission: I don't commission costumes, i'm not skilled enough, but i commission cosplay shoots, and i'm available to travel wherever the photoshoot is located, yes and i mean wherever, as in anywhere!

There i guess it's all i needed to say. More questions, shout me at the shoutbox andMy ASK.FM… - Cosplaying Sonozaki Mion from Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni.… - Photographer.… - Photographer.… - Cosplay presentation at a school.… - As Stocking dancing Hare Hare Yukai (i didn't know the full dance xD).… - More Stocking this time Carameldansen (i like how i look drunk and how you can see my sword glow).… - As GUMI Poker Face version through the video at Anipop Kyuu-Ti.… - I'm the first GUMI of the video xD i was surprised to find this!… - I'm the cameraman! And i suck at it.… - I'm the singing crona, i know i suck at singing xD.… - Well, someone did this video, and put me as GUMI and Leo as Luka on the bg image.… - I appear on minute 4 as Victorique de Blois in Wonderland, when i ran to hug my friend Leonor because she won the portuguese single ecg.… - Me as Lady GaGa from Poker Face.… - I appear on min. 19:47 with my Kuroneko cosplay. Portuguese interview about Photoshoot #9… - BTL Lisbon 1st Day as Megpoid GUMI Poker Face version.… - I appear through this video as Ranka Lee (red apron) from Macross Frontier.… - Me singing with Tempura at the release of Final Fantasy XIII in Portugal.… - Sexy ass Nezumi's in the house tonight! Iberanime LX2012… - I am the red and white Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier that appears twice in the 1st minute!… - I was filming it and doing assistant photography for Leonor Grácias shoot.… - Me and Leonor Grácias Macross Frontier Skit at Anicomics 2012 vs.1… - Me and Leonor Grácias Macross Frontier Skit at Anicomics 2012 vs.2… - Me and Leonor Grácias Macross Frontier Skit from the backstage, at Anicomics 2012 + portuguese interview.… - As Ranka Lee from Macross.… - Japan Festival as Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier.… - Anicomics as Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier and Grell Sutcliff from Kuroshitsuji (maid version)… - Slender (the game) short video where i play the girl!… - Making of and Bloopers of the Slender short video.… - Me as Miniwa Tsumiki from Acchi Kocchi at the Kingpin Brand Party. Singing and dancing all the time!… - KoreWaCosplay the BEST of Vocaloid video where i've been featured!… - Interview in Portuguese to the show 5 para a meia noite with Leonor Grácias, Me, Marta Vieira and also Hachi and Konata from Milkei (pt.1)… - Interview in Portuguese to the show 5 para a meia noite with Leonor Grácias, Me, Marta Vieira and also Hachi and Konata from Milkei (pt.2)… - X-mas video with me as Ranka Lee and Saotome Alto from Macross Frontier and Leonor Grácias as Sheryl Nome.… - K cosplay music video with me as Kuroh.… - I'm the Yuno from Mirai Nikki and singing Misaki Mei, on Midori II!… - The Medusa Smile music video where me and leo are featured wearing cosplay!… - Photoshoot #10 video where i appear as saotome alto gothic lolita version from Macross Frontier, Sayonara no Tsubasa (the movie).… - Another video of Photoshoot, where I appear as Alto Gothic Lolita from Macross Frontier!… - Making of, of the Macross Photoshoot!… - Iberanime LX 2013 promo video!… - Iberanime . APC promo at national tv RTP (portuguese only).… - My Saber Alter Casual skit at the Anicomics 2013 cosplay show. I was invited to perform. Skit in English.… - Saber Alter derping with Gentleman by PSY.… - Anicomics 2013 video by BlakeShake where i appear as Saber Alter and Soushi Miketsukami.… - Anicomics 2013 video by MindBizarre also as Saber Alter and Soushi Miketsukami.… - DOGS: Bullets and Carnage video shoot.… - Anifest video pt.1 with me as Yogi from Karneval, by Andrés LiveeviL.… - Anifest video pt.2 with me as Ren from Uta no Pri also by Andrés LiveeliL.


:bulletyellow: Nikon D70 infrared cam (repairing) / Nikon D80 with VR (main)
:bulletyellow: Fujifilm Polaroid
:bulletyellow: Nikkor 28-80mm (repairing)
:bulletyellow: Nikkor 18-70mm main zoom.
:bulletyellow: Mirror Lens
:bulletyellow: SIGMA 70-300 macro zoom
:bulletyellow: Nikkor 60mm macro
:bulletyellow: Nikkor 105mm macro
:bulletyellow: Nikkor 50mm 1.8 portrait lens
:bulletyellow: Focal x2 converter and extension tubes.
:bulletyellow: Multiple filters including neutral density & polarize.
:bulletyellow: Tripod
:bulletyellow: Color and Bokeh Filters (stars and balls of light).
:bulletyellow: Canon lens adapter.
:bulletyellow: Inverted lens converter for extensive macro.
:bulletyellow: Ring Light and Nissin External Wireless Flash.
:bulletyellow: Fish Eye

Soon to have: HD 8mm lens.


:bulletgreen: Namine - Kingdom Hearts II (fail 8D)
:bulletgreen: Midori - Mai-Otome
:bulletgreen: Lust - Fullmetal Alchemist
:bulletgreen: Lulu - Final Fantasy X
:bulletgreen: Axel - Kingdom Hearts II
:bulletgreen: Jessie - Pokémon (as fail as fail can be 8D)
:bulletgreen: Makenshi Crona - Soul Eater
:bulletgreen: Anarchy Stocking - Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (Default and Daten City Rock)
:bulletgreen: Megpoid GUMI - Vocaloid 2 (Matryoshka, Poker Face, Eager Love Revenge, Magnet, Panda Hero, Halloween Version and Secret Police)
:bulletgreen: Hatsune Miku - Vocaloid 2 (Random fanart Version)
:bulletgreen: SF-A2 Miki - Vocaloid 2 (World is Mine Version)
:bulletgreen: Sonozaki Shion - Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni (Original Clothing)
:bulletgreen: Sonozaki Mion - Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
:bulletgreen: Frederica Bernkastel - Umineko no Naku Koro Ni
:bulletgreen: Aisaka Taiga - Toradora (Original Clothing)
:bulletgreen: Busujima Saeko - High School of the Dead
:bulletgreen: Victorique de Blois - GOSICk (in Wonderland)
:bulletgreen: Nezumi / Eve - No.6 (default and ophelia)
:bulletgreen: Kuroneko / Ruri Goko - Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai
:bulletgreen: Ranka Lee - Macross Frontier (Twin Star Version, Niji Iro Kuma Kuma Black Version and Figure Christimas Version)
:bulletgreen: Ririchiyo Shirakiin - Inu x Boku SS
:bulletgreen: Grell Sutcliff - Kuroshitsuji (Maid and Shinigami Outfit)
:bulletgreen: Yoite - Nabari no Ou
:bulletgreen: Akise Aru - Mirai Nikki
:bulletgreen: Uryuu Minene - Mirai Nikki (Pink Loli Dress)
:bulletgreen: Gasai Yuno - Mirai Nikki (Black Dress) (Blue Jacket with stripped top)
:bulletgreen: Kumashiro Maya - Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin
:bulletgreen: Miniwa Tsumiki - Acchi Kocchi
:bulletgreen: Misaki Mei - Another
:bulletgreen: Shion - No.6
:bulletgreen: Peter White - Clover no Kuni no Alice (Gala Version)
:bulletgreen: Soushi Miketsukami - Inu x Boku SS
:bulletgreen: Kotonoha Katsura - School Days
:bulletgreen: Natsume Zange - Inu x Boku SS
:bulletgreen: Saber - Fate/Series (alter casual - hollow ataraxia and fate/zero uniform)
:bulletgreen: Saotome Alto - Macross Frontier (gothic lolita and circus version)
:bulletgreen: Fuwa Mahiro - Zetsuen no Tempest.
:bulletgreen: Hitomi - CODE: BREAKER
:bulletgreen: Shimizu Raikou - Nabari no Ou.
:bulletgreen: Badou Nails - DOGS
:bulletgreen: Sinbad - Magi (default and orange)
:bulletgreen: Jinguji Ren - Uta no Prince Sama (Starish)
:bulletgreen: Felicitá - Storia de la Arcana Famiglia
:bulletgreen: Shoukiin Kagerou - Inu x Boku Ss (default and youkai).
:bulletgreen: Tomoe - Kamisama Hajimemashita
:bulletgreen: Yogi - Karneval
:bulletgreen: Abel Nightroad - Trinity Blood
:bulletgreen: Kaito - VOCALOID (Warum)
:bulletgreen: Matsuoka Rin - FREE! (maid from drama cd and splash free ed.)
:bulletgreen: Boris Airay - Clover no Kuni no Alice (gala).
:bulletgreen: Seragaki Aoba - DRAMAtical Murder (white day, valentine's day and sweet pool crossover).
:bulletgreen: Tachibana Shito - ZOMBIE-LOAN
:bulletgreen: Ayuzawa Misaki - Kaichou wa Maid-Sama
:bulletgreen: Klavier Gavin - Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice
:bulletgreen: Akari - Aria the Origination
:bulletgreen: Zoroark (Male) -Pokémon
:bulletgreen: Makishima Shogo - PSYCHO-PASS
:bulletgreen: Hiromi Nase - Kyoukai no Kanata (Idol Outfit)
:bulletgreen: Yato - Noragami
:bulletgreen: Prince Ludwig - Ludwig Kakumei
:bulletgreen: Yakumo - Psychic Detective Yakumo
:bulletgreen: Kaneki Ken - Tokyo Ghoul (waiter)
:bulletgreen: Seishuu Handa - Barakamon
:bulletgreen: Joker - Kuroshitsuji


:bulletred: Eucliwood Hellscythe - Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? - 50% (hiatus)
:bulletorange: Dalian - Dantalian no Shoka - 0%
:bulletorange: Aoba (default) - DRAMAtical Murder - 20%
:bulletorange: Sinbad - Magi - 80%
:bulletorange: Undertaker - Kuroshitsuji - 0%
:bulletorange: Regis Nex - Cavalier of the Abyss - 60%
:bulletorange: Makishima Yuusuke - Yowamushi Pedal - 30%
:bulletorange: Elliot March - Heart no Kuni no Alice - 0%


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And last but not least:

I RULE by JavierZhX


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